Ari Daly

Senior Product Designer @ ZipRecruiter striving to make our digital world a better and more beautiful place

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Managing Candidates

Redesigning ZipRecruiter’s candidate management system to improve employer workflows

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User interface with stage filters and candidates
Candidate summary with "Skip" and "Invite to Apply" buttons

Inviting Top Talent

Designing a more delightful onboarding experience for proactive sourcing
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/Oasis Recovery Center

Improving Addiction Recovery

Designing an inclusive and accessible website for recovery communities

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/2022 - Present

Visual Playground

Collection of design, photo, and illustration explorations made for fun
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Photo of Ari smiling with plants in the background.

Hi, I’m Ari.

I first studied art & coding as a way to use technology to connect with other people. As I realized how entangled technology is with our lives, I saw digital design as a way to create meaningful daily experiences. That led me to Carnegie Mellon's MHCI program, and to my current role leading the design of ZipRecruiter’s Employer product.

When I'm not geeking over design, you can find me at the climbing gym, studying Japanese, or trying a new tea.